TALLULAH K.O. – developer / designer

Skills & Software Proficiency:

An independent graphic, type, vector, pixel and web designer, photographer, artist, software developer and webmistress with excellent all-round visual and technical skills, built up over a career with an early start, spanning 25 years of website & design projects.

10+ years experience with: Adobe CS products, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Website Development, WordPress, MYSQL, Javascript, Photoshop, Font Creation, Website business consulting, Training, Teaching, Social Media, Social media automation, eCommerce, SEO.

HTML5 / CSS / LESS / PHP / SQL / Javascript / jQuery / JSON
MacOS (6 – X+) • Windows (95 – 10+)
Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, Arch)
Legacy Skills: QuarkXPress • Flash • Freehand • Dreamweaver

Work Experience & Noteworthy Projects:

GreyGreen Media (2019-present)

Webmistressing & website migration work for 6 complex wordpress-based conference websites in the MedTech sector

The Commonwealth of Nations (2019 – present)

Complete redesign & restructure of the WordPress-based Commonwealth Innovation Hub website

Rumpus (2015 – present)

Website development & design, Art & Design for promo & social media

Hire Frequencies (2017 – present)

Webmistress and web developer handling a complex ecommerce site with unique API development

Prime Loops (2008 – 2014)

Working with a new business fromits founding for the first 6 years, designing and producing website, ad media, magazine spreads, promotional material & 300+ Cover Artworks for products

UI & Prop design for Dementamania (2012)

Bloody / surreal Operating System designs for computer screens during key scenes and prop designs in Jon Bunker’s production unit for an office-themed horror movie (uncredited) and early promotional materials. One of my screens is on the final poster.

Second Life (2006 – 2015)

Design & sale of niche Virtual Cyberpunk Fashion Designs built from use of real-world photographic texture maps in 3D texture programs including modo, blender and zbrush

Anova/Pavilion Books (2005 – 2006)

Page layouts, artwork and worn stained page designs for The Demon Hunter’s Handbook, The Dragon Hunter’s Handbook & The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook
(including scans of my own literal blood and sweat)

An Early Start / Fonts

I started as a digital creative early. Very early.

At the age of 15 using an Apple Powerbook 540c I began my design career creating fonts as Head:Line Type Design, and before too long I was advertising them and distributing free ones through the cover CD-ROM on multiple issues of MacFormat magazine, and selling the full collections to interested designers, posting them their fonts on floppy disks with handwritten thanks.

I moved from that to approaching font foundries, and licensing my first commercial fonts Hombre, Chicken and Reaper to Bitstream/Monotype in 2001. Less fortunately for me, Bitstream’s discussions with me to license my entire font library in an ongoing capacity fell through after the events of 9/11 forced them to reconsider their investments.

Undeterred, I dabbled in website design and HTML/CSS code as soon as I got my first modem, and had a range of strange teenage geocities sites. My first professional website’s front page is still on the wayback machine in a shapshot from 2003, including my first use of Javascript to randomise the tagline that still works today. My first CMS-based professional website also remains there, although its owner has long since departed.

Flash forward to my 20s, and I was dabbling in website development in handcoded HTML, creating action / puzzle game experiments in Adobe Flash, and doing occasional website jobs for independant bouitique and gift shop owners in my hometown.

After a decade or more, very little of my oldest work from before 2010 still survives online. That being said: as a trans woman who left my old name behind, that’s kind of okay with me.

Freelance Website Projects  (2010 – present)

A multitude of websites for individuals and small businesses and projects, with a goal in mind of making the client self-sufficient in the admin of their new site.

Tal has built over 100 wordpress-based sites as a freelancer in the last 10 years.  Some recent instances approved by clients for inclusion here: 

Design Contributions to Museums & Visitor Centres (1997-2005)

Proposal designs, 3D building plans, graphic panels & designs for print for Royal National Lifeboat Instutute visitor centres

National Railway Museum, York
A series of huge 10 foot tall graphic panel designs, production & deployment for the Friends of the National Railway Museum

Thrall Europa
Graphic Panel designs & production, display visuals for Thrall Europa GMBH corporate headquarters in York, Chicago & Whinterthur

Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire
Signage, Graphic Panels.
Custom Font created from ancient manuscripts

Devizes Visitor Centre, Wiltshire
Signage, Graphic Panels.
Custom Font created from historical manuscripts (pictured, used for sign)

Lindisfarne Visitor Centre, Northumberland
Signage, Graphic Panels, Interactive Displays. Custom Font created from ancient monastic manuscripts

St Patrick’s Trian Visitor Centre, Armagh, NI
Signage & Graphic Panels for visitor centre entrance. Design for flyers & brochures

Zetland Lifeboat Museum, Teeside
Graphic panels & 3D exhibition design plans for the RNLI’s oldest Lifeboat’s heritage venue

Other Employment:

Storyteller / comedian
Ghost Trail of York, 1999-2004

Telling stories of the city of York’s haunted past to lead tour groups, acting as tour guide, storyteller, impro comedian, and audience-mocking dickensian misanthrope, I guided hundreds of audience members through the twilight streets of York, building up enough hours for equity membership.

Telling stories originally derived from a script, I soon settled into the nightly role and embellished the tales with new details, jokes, callbacks and asides enamoured my employer so much to my version of the tour that upon my retirement from that role, he had me record my best take on it, and it gives me great pride to know that it’s my script that new storytellers with my old job are given.


Ancillary Skills:

Writing, photography, signwriting, painting and decorating, gilding, metalwork, jewellery making, DJing, audio engineering, music and audio production, networking & hardware, training in various aspects of technology, computer repair, spec copy writing, event organisation and management, cheffing, theatre tech and backstage skills, public speaking and performance, questionable guitar and keyboard skills, cocktail shakin’.

References available on request.